Meet the Team

Ryan and Chris at Eagleman 70.3

Chris Feathers

Chris has been competing in triathlons and road racing for over 10 years.  His dedication to multisport has allowed him to compete and place within his age group at many races.  In 2010 Chris became a USAT certified race director.  His passion for the multisport lifestyle drives his current endeavors of developing quality racing for athletes of all experiences.




Ryan Zarzycki

Ryan began running and competing in multi-sport in 2002.  Since that time he has completed multiple marathons and Ironman 70.3s.  His experience as a race director began in 2007. He joined Nova Timing in 2009 and has been involved as a race director and timer in over 100 races/triathlons to date.    Ryan graduated from University of Delaware in 2003 with a Masters of Physical therapy.   Since graduation he has developed a specialty in orthopedics.  He currently works with athletes of all ages and backgrounds including runners and multi-sport athletes.  Ryan became a USA Triathlon certified coach in 2009.  His passion for competing in multi-sport fueled the desire to begin coaching and passing on the knowledge he gained to other athletes.   His background in physical therapy gives him the knowledge and experience to help multi-sport athletes/runners achieve their personal goals.